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League Rules

Tee Ball Rules

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Farm Rules

Rule #1: HAVE FUN!


Home team

  • Setup (line the infield, install bases, setup outfield cones)
  • Takes 1st base dugout. OK to take 3rd if 1st base dugout is occupied by visiting team.
  • Supply game balls.

Away team

  • Tear down (put away bases and outfield cones, clean up trash)
  • Takes 3rd base dugout. OK to take 1st if occupied by home team.

Minor Rules

Rule #1: HAVE FUN!


Home team

  • Sets up (drag, water, line the infield, & install bases)
  • Takes 3rd base dugout
  • Supply 1 snack bar volunteer 15 minutes prior to game start

Away Team

  • Tears down (put away bases, clean up trash)
  • Takes 1st base dugout


  • Seek clarification
  • Teach kids the umpire is ALWAYS RIGHT!
  • There are no protests in Minors, umpire has final decision.

A game is 6 innings, except

  • No new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Stop play at 1 hour 55 minutes.
  • Most games won't reach 6 innings.

Half inning ends at 3 outs or 5 runs, whichever comes first.

  • New inning begins the moment the last out is made.

Bat the entire roster.

  • Late arriving players are added to the end of the lineup.

Keep The Game Moving.

  • Warm up pitches must NOT consume more than one minute of time or exceed more than 8 pitches (Rule 8.03)


  • Regulation vi applies
  • Age 13-16.......... 95 pitches per day
  • Age 11-12.......... 85 pitches per day
  • Age 10 and under... 75 pitches per day
  • Must adhere to the following rest requirements
    • 61 or more pitches, three (3) days rest required
    • 41 or more pitches, two (2) days rest required
    • 21 or more pitches, one (1) days rest required
    • 20 or fewer pitches, zero (0) days rest required

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